Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Have A "No-Kill" Policy ...

Yup, you heard me right.

I found a dog.

He's 12 years old. Ex-breeding stud perhaps? Desexed and given away apparently a year ago by the breeder (apparently) ... Breeder hasnt updated the details ...

His "new" owners haven't come forward ...

I found him running in traffic in the rain, following a thunder storm ...

He's underweight, has fleas, toe nails too long, a few patches of dermatitis (I'm so hoping NOT mange) ...

I can't save all the animals in the world even though I want to.

I can save this one.

I'll have a "no intervention" policy ... I'll feed him and house him and play with him and just wait and see while I still look for his owners ...

I'd be so disappointed in myself if I took him to the pound where they'd put him down. Who would want a 12 year old arthritic dog? Not many, if any.

My dog beats him up though. Something to work on. Dog whispering skills to learn.

I have a no kill policy ... because to give him up, would be to let him die, and I wouldn't be able to hold my head up, look myself in the mirror, or sleep with a dry pillow.

I've been saving creatures since I was a child and as far as I'm concerned its clearly in my nature.


  1. I think what you are doing is amazing! Last year there was a lovebird who flew into our school. Unfortunately, some other teachers caught it and let it go in the open. It flew around the school for the whole day. I couldn't bare to see this happen. I saw it at recess and I caught it and brought it home. I didn't know it was a female until it laid an unfertilized egg. Unfortunately, the second time she tried laying an egg, she became egg bound and passed away :(. I hope your new dog lives a much longer life with you than in the open. You are a great person. Thanks for being kind to animals!

    1. No, Thank You Paige Turner! I adore that you rescued the little female - being egg bound is a sad way for the poor poppet to pass - but you saved her from worse fates - starvation, cats, big mean bitey birds! You loved her while you could - and obviously still do :) ...I found a rainbow lorikeet the same way! She's currently in my dining room ... New dog is doing well - I'm still sorting out his long term fate - but since he's 12 years old (they can live to be possibly 15 if in great health), arthritic, and turns out he has malanomas all over his stomach - one is particularly bad. Still no response to my online notices ... My dog has calmed down a huge amount and they are great friends now! GO figure. Well, unless there are balls/dog toys or food involved - then its growly-time-centre. So ... I really appreaciate your support :) ... A lot! <3

    2. Thank you! I love that we share a love for animals. I love all your share on your blog so I have given your blog the Liebster Award!! Please check it out!


      -Paige Turner